Outdoor LED Garden Light

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  • Supply method:solar charging
  • Suitable for scenes: villas, courtyards, scenic spots, squares
  • Function:three functions
    Three lighting modes:
    1) First gear working mode
    When a person is not within the sensing distance, the light is turned off; when a person approaches, the light is sensed; when a person leaves, the light is automatically turned off for 30 seconds.
    2) Second gear working mode
    The light is weak when no one comes; strong light is sensed when someone approaches; the light is automatically turned off when people leave for 30 seconds.
    3) Third gear working mode
    Product -50% bright. Keep it for 1 minute. After 1 minute, the brightness will decrease. After 60 minutes, the brightness will remain unchanged at 10%.
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Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 25 cm

Solar wall light, Remote version


JY120, JY213, JY150

1 review for Outdoor LED Garden Light

  1. raj007

    covers a lot of area so minimal quantity also does the job. Better product compare to which i order from other website.

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