Solar Home Lighting System (HLS Basic)

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  • Size: Compact Central unit with 3W LED Light
  • Content: 3 LED Lamps with additional 1 emergency Lamp. Total output:900 Lumens
  • Length of wire : 5 meters each
  • Size of Panel: 8W5V Solar Panel
  • Buttons: Radium Glow Switches

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2 reviews for Solar Home Lighting System (HLS Basic)

  1. Jeron

    Efficient and Eco-Friendly Power!

  2. Ankur

    It’s extremely useful if you’re in rural where power cuts are normal. Since its portable it’s really great for carrying out. It’s safe as well, six volts. If you’re a researcher and have a small room and want light but don’t want pay hefty amount for electricity then its for you. It is enough for you to study or even do needle work. So go for it.

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