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i-Solarlite is a Trademark registered brand which came into existence by the end of 2012. The journey started as a social impact venture to serve the bottom of Pyramid and electrify the life of rural population who use to live in complete darkness or used Kerosene Lanterns. Our aim was to satisfy the customers by offering good Solar products at affordable pricing. All Our Portable Solar products became instant hit among the rural masses.

Slowly and gradually we added more and more solar products in our basket from Solar reading Lamps to Solar Home lighting System, Solar Fans to Solar Outdoor Garden Lamps and Solar Mobile Charging devices. As the awareness of using clean source of energy grew, our products were used by Semi-urban and rural population both. The beauty of all our off-grid products are such that Energy generation and utilization are at the source without any losses due transmission. As on today, we provide complete end to end solar solutions. We have designed and executed many Solar Rooftop installation and Solar Water Heater installation. We have successfully reduced the existing electricity bills of many clients and encouraged them to use solar as an alternative source of energy. Our aim is to create an Solar Eco-system whereby we shall reduce the high dependence on depleting Fossil Fuels.