Solar Hat With Fan Thickened Multifunctional Helmet


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Model: Not matched to this item, CE-solar fan style red, CE-solar fan style yellow, CE-solar fan style blue, CE-solar fan style white, CE-yellow standard version SF01-Y2800, CE-red standard Version SF01-R2800, CE-yellow enhanced version SF01-Y5600, CE-red enhanced version SF01-R5600, CE-yellow dual fan standard version Y4000, CE-red dual fan standard version R4000, CE-red dual fan enhanced version R6000, WB-European-Yellow, CE-Yellow Dual Fan Version Y8000, CE-Red Dual Fan Version R8000, CE-White Dual Fan Version W8000, CE-Blue Dual Fan Version B8000, Yellow Bluetooth Radio Standard Version B-Y3500, Red Bluetooth Radio standard version B-R3500, white Bluetooth radio enhanced version B-W7000, blue Bluetooth radio enhanced version B-B7000, yellow air conditioner standard version A-Y3500, red air conditioner standard version A-R3500, yellow air conditioner enhanced version A-Y7000, Red air conditioner enhanced version A-R7000

Type: Ordinary hat

Hat liner type: No match found

Applicable scenario: No match found

Feature: No match found

Item No.: TM-617210577668

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Fan helmetx1

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Weight0.45 kg
Dimensions300 × 240 × 150 cm



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